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Holy Cow, Time Flies

Has it really been 3 months since I posted anything over here? I guess I've been on Facebook more, since it's so easy to make quick little status updates. I honestly don't know if anyone on my friends list is really active on LJ any more, for the same reason, we all seem to have migrated to Facebook.

Let's see, what's new since November? Not much. Motherhood, work, karate, reading, stitching, that describes my life. Financially, we seem to be slowly but surely recovering from John's year of unemployment. As Ryan gets older, I am able to spend more time working, which has helped as well. In fact, this month's billing for time spent in January was the first time since I started my business three years ago that I made my gross income goal for the month! I am up to 10 clients with a combined 14 businesses, and have an interview with a potential client in a couple weeks. I think that will have to be it for a while, I am just about maxed out on what I can handle on my own.

I was working on our 2010 taxes yesterday. I was a little worried, since John and I were both technically self employed last year. Well, I definitely am, and he is being paid as an IC, which I still feel is a misclassification, but what can we do? He needs the work. Anyway, I did make estimated tax payments for both of us to the Feds throughout the year, but I forgot to do so for the State. So I was concerned 1) whether I paid enough to the feds, and 2) how much I would owe on the State. Well, I'm not done yet, but it looks like I paid almost twice what I needed to to the Feds, so even if we owe the state, the refund from the feds should cover it, and hopefully we should have some left over, since my car needs some repairs.

Andrew is doing okay in school. We had some behavioral issues coming back from winter break, but they seem to have mostly resolved themselves. Academically, he's doing well. He has a little trouble with math, but he is one of the top readers in his class. The next generation of bibliophiles is under way! :D

Andrew is back in karate now, and Ryan has been to a few classes, but I don't think he is quite mature enough for it yet, so I think I'm going to wait about 6 more months to really get him started. He is so adorable in his little uniform, though! I still haven't gotten back into class, but I just don't have the time right now. Taking time out in the day to take Andrew to class is hard enough. John is actively training for his 3rd degree test in April. It's time for "black belt test widow" mode again. :sigh:

I've been working on my stitching when I have the time and energy, which isn't often lately. You can see what I'm working on my DeviantArt site. I've also been reading alot, and enjoying my new toy. I bought it with the Target gift cards my various clients gave me for the holidays. I love how easy it is to buy books that my local bookstore never seems to have in stock. And no more running out of shelf space, it will store 3,000 books! However, since it's like carrying around a bookstore in your pocket (you can buy books directly from the Kindle as long as you have wi-fi), I am having to be very firm with myself not to spend too much! O.o

That's all I can think of for now. See you in another 3 months, haha!



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