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And now for my quarterly update. :)

It's been nearly five months since my last update, oops. Update, in no particular order:

Tax season this year kicked my butt, and I'm only just starting to feel like I've caught up on my work for this year-to-date. I had to let a client go a couple weeks ago, but I have two short-term clients I'm am helping out right now, and two more potential clients from referrals from the local Chase branch's business account rep. Networking is a wonderful thing! I am also working on catching up on my Continuing Professional Education credits I need to retain my bookkeeping certification. I am supposed to have 60 CPE credits over a three-year period after I received my certification. I only have one year left, and only have 19 credits logged. Yikes!

But I have had a bit more time to devote to my business. In April, I started Andrew in the after-school program they had at his campus, and Ryan is going to preschool. The cost pretty much offsets any additional time I've been able to bill for, but I've been better able to keep up with my workload, which equals less stress, which is not a bad thing.

John got his 3rd degree belt in May. He is now Manoi John instead of Sifu John. I'm so proud of him!!! The boys and I have not been going to class. Maybe when the school opens to its new, bigger location, they will be able to offer more classes, something that fits my schedule better. *fingers crossed*

John and I have been toying with the notion of trying to buy a house. I discovered that we could get a decent-sized house in Woodland or Dixon for a mortgage payment of about half what we're paying in rent. Problem is, we have no capital to use for a down payment. Plus, that doesn't take into account the added expenses of homeowners insurance, property taxes, and water/sewer/garbage, none of which we pay for now. And a mortgage company would not let me split my payments into two half payments each month, the way my landlord does. I'd also like our income to be a little steadier and a few of our unsecured debts paid down before we make that commitment. I'm thinking we'd be ready for that step in 3 - 5 years.

John's job is going well. He's working on two projects right now. One is still in the early development stage, and one is to the marketing stage. That one took him to New York for a week in December. We found out a couple weeks ago it's going to require more traveling. He's going to be gone in July for two weeks. To New Dehli, India!! :faint: In the next several months, he can expect to also see South Africa, Germany, and one other country I can't remember right now (Switzerland?). While this is an awesome opportunity for him, I am NOT looking forward to being a single mom while he is off globe-trotting. Oh well, at least his income will be good. And the company is paying for his passport and all travel expenses, in addition to his normal billing for time on the job. Guess we'll have to buy a couple web cams and get a Skype account...

Check out my current cross stitch projects: http://joce-in-stitches.deviantart.com/

That's about all I can think of, and I need to get ready for a meeting, so see y'all who knows when. :D


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Jun. 28th, 2011 08:23 pm (UTC)
Wow . . . that's a lot of travelling! *hugs* You'll do fine!
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