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Just Another Working Mom

I craft, therefore I am

Hi all. I'm Jocelyn. I'm married to a wonderful man named John, have two little boys, a six-year-old son named Andrew and a one-year-old son named Ryan, and two cats (both spayed females) named Nibbles and Misty.

I finally finished college in Feb. '07, earning my Bachelor's degree in Business Admin, with a concentration in accounting. In December 2007 I started a bookkeeping company (www.jpereabooks.net) so I could work from home, since at the time Andrew was still in preschool, and day care for two kids was too expensive.

I mostly post about things going on in my life, so you'll read alot about my family, my cats, my business, my craft projects, and stuff like that. I welcome comments from anybody, but am pretty selective about who I "friend". If we have several good "conversations", or I've seen you comment lots in mutual friends' journals, then most likely I'll friend you. ^_^

My favorite recreational activities are reading (mostly fantasy) and cross-stitch embroidery. I also dabble in crocheting once in a while, and in flower arranging. I am also a student in kempo-based martial arts. That's about it, I'm pretty boring! :-P